memorial for a brilliant woman

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Four Square

In my mother’s house, we used only salt,

pepper, sugar and cinnamon in food,

discounting what went into pickle jars.

Miracle Whip smoothed out rough edges,
and Velveeta was real as cheese got-
add pimentos and cut crusts for fancy fare.

Names might be exotic but the foods were not-
Heinz, French’s, Star Kist, and Mallomar-
the choice was to eat or go hungry.

Before TV trays, we sat upright, quiet,
in channel back chrome and vinyl chairs,
never told tales, ate what was put down.

All was right with the world at supper,
communists were up north, Cuba’s were cigars,
Ed Sullivan’s dour face kept the world righteous.

The unequal and indefinite angles of family
fell out of plumb in the dark, for daughters
cowered in corners to forget their outrage.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

April 3rd

One, Two, Many

Treachery comes in threes,
like celebrity deaths, genie’s wishes,
and broken dishes.

When the other shoe has dropped
there is still the phantom foot left
to reveal the ugly sole, then kick.

Cordelia was no saint, nor victim-
her very show devotion’s lie exquisite-
attractive pain (self-righteous bitch).

Protest too much, deny thrice,
marry as often as you can.
April 2nd

2 Much 2 be-labor

a constellation of pernicious sinners
is better than one privileged son,
full of hyperbolic juices enough 2
render the cheekiest mother numb.

All the promise in the world mopes
on the living room couch- vexes
in judgement asking: What will I be?

I, the eternally put-upon, answer
my sole philosophy: Que sera, sera,
Whatever you will. Be.
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April 1st

April Fools

the days pass over us
like tissue paper layers
lost under irremediable wrappings
we wait impatient for signs

in a gray drizzle of disappointment
we clean out our desks
hoping half-lives will suffice

toil and spin, spin and toil
gravity holds us in place until
the time comes to lighten up

God has laughed out loud
take nothing, leave nothing behind
we bear all we need.