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Thursday, August 31, 2006

More good news!!!

four accepted at Wicked Alice for the 5th anniversary fall issue! I had a poem in the first issue (reprinted in the print anthology) and 2 more in 2003-

I like to space them out...

Ernesto is apparently going to pass right over Richmond, right in the middle of the First Friday artwalk. Guess we'll see if they cancel it or not- Richmond is a completely inland city and we have been nailed by Isabel (17 days without power here) and Gaston (roads washed out just under a mile from my house, the interstate flooded!)

I'm not sure what to make of all this weather thing-

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

wow! a week in blog time is an eternity!

News- FlashPaperPoetry is updated and there is a new Day by Day poetry page where events are in order by date- details available by link- (still undergoing changes)

If you're local and Ernesto doesn't drown us in Richmond- Please come to First Friday- there will be some great music and performances at art6 Gallery and all over- 6-10pm. Most notable there is my poem expressed in art by John Walters!

Also special music all night- 6-8:30 classical, 8:30 on by a new group! (poems and music!)

I'll be adding links all day- yes, sorcha!

Monday, August 21, 2006

And BTW- my poem "At the Museum, Molly" has been accepted for inclusion in the Bedside Guide to the NoTell Motel- second floor" coming out in 2007- YEAH!!!!!

AND on September 1st (First Friday opening) a wonderful interpretation of my poem "Daddy said I was a Firesign" will be exhibited at art6!!! The artist is John Walters (co-owner of Comedy Improv Theatre) and it is WONDERFUL!!! Please come by and see it (or BUY it $200- I'm sure I undervalued it). It is really a great piece if art!


Well- here we go- the first day of the rest of my life-

Dropped the daughter off for her first class at the community college this morning (she's taking general courses there this semester- 1) About 30% of the cost of four-year college courses, 2) Guaranteed admission to Virginia Commonwealth University- though we still have to get into the theater/costume design program by December 1st- and full transfer credit if she makes above 3.0 or above)

I dropped her off because there is not near enough parking for all the students. No off street because it's on a major road and Richmond has the worst public transportation you can imagine.

Now if I can just get the son off the couch- VCU starts Thursday but we still have no word on his financial aid (loan). If it doesn't come through he may have to take only one class or stay out completely until next semester.

Guess we'll see about that.

So I've done 2 laundry loads and washed dishes- maybe I'll even get a chance to write a little today!!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

From CE Chaffin's blog

In this enterprise some things occurred to me that may prove helpful to others in the editing process. Here goes:

1) Always suspect the ending. You may have to strike one or more lines. Watch out for dilution, for over-explication.

2) Suspect the first stanza. Often the first stanza is like starter fluid; it’s only there to get the car started, it’s not really part of the car.

3) Transitions from the first to second and from the penultimate to the ultimate stanzas are frequently muddled. Make sure the substance is clear.

4) The title can almost always be improved. Taking a phrase from the emotional climax of the poem is reliable and works well. To make the title a comment on the poem is also good. To make the poem dependent on the title for its full meaning is very good if you sin neither in obviousness or obscurity.

5) Unless you have a very good editor, time is your most valuable ally. Give a bad poem five months in the drawer and when you take it out again you’ll most likely put it out of its misery. With truly inspired poems it’s tempting to go off trying to get the perfect draft the first night, but that way lies madness and robs a poem of its juice, which is hard to recoup. Remember: with each revision you lose a little more juice. Beware an over-reified poem; it is the mark of too many revisions. Such a poem reads unnaturally, perhaps even stilted; it has been sucked dry. (This made me think of Auden for some reason.) ;-)
Someone came to my page by searching "Love Poetry about missing Your girlfriend in Jail"


I'm riding deadlines here- be backsoon.....

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Last Supper

Half a dozen words left,
dinner plate, mug,
fork and spoon.

Napkin, tip.

Sooner than expected.

I'm going to be updating links tonight and tomorrow- if you want in, let me know...
Submit Harlequin, said the Ticktock man!

and I have been submitting, having been most recently rejected by The New Yorker, The Atlantic Monthly, and Barrelhouse. Many, many more pending...

Aim high, aim low, I've been advised to do both by respectable people.

Right now, I'd rather have a job than a few poems in high places (no word on that so I'm assuming no)

revising poems, writing a short story

Thursday, August 03, 2006

poetry thursday

At the Grocery Store

A chunky little woman in a floral shift danced her cart my way,
admonishing in a clear voice you never can win when I noticed
Cole Porter spilling all over aisle six from tinny speakers embedded
in the acoustic ceiling, unlikely candy for the regulars: shuffling
old men, young mothers in jelly colored tank tops talking intently
to cell phones while perching sticky babies on their boney hips.

The music was ambient corner clutter to them, occupied with coupons,
canned ravioli, fiber content, and pizza rolls. I tried so not to give in
then I lost myself in the bridge, buying croissants, gourmet cheeses-
whirling in elegance and hat box memories I learned from old movies.

By the time the Beguine began, I was heart-clutched in tune with stars
and tropical splendor, singing alone, not sure it wasn’t all in my head.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I'm back- I'm tired- It's hot!

I have a job interview for a gallery administrator position at 5:00- it will be about 101 at that time.

I'm very, very glad I have an air-conditioned car.

crossed-fingers on the job- I really want it AND I need it

more content later.