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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

*VMFA “First Fridays” Welcomes Back VCU Poets Please come!!!*

VMFA will host the first event in the new First Fridays performing arts
series on Friday, September 3 with poetry readings from four poets from VCU.

The readings will be held in the museum’s Atrium from 6-8 PM. Admission to each event is free and open to the public. Take advantage of the late Friday evening hours, and view the works of art in the galleries, browse the gift shop or enjoy the casual atmosphere, food and beverages offered in the Best CafĂ© before or after the performances

*First Fridays, September 3*
(introduced by Shann Palmer)

6:00-6:25 pm Avery Beckendorf
6:30-6:55 Tarfia Faizullah
7:00-7:25 Randy Marshall
7:30-8:00 Cynthia Grier Lotze

*Avery Beckendorf *is a third-year MFA student in poetry at VCU. She earned a BA in creative writing and journalism from the University of Central Florida in 2006. She previously worked as editor of the *Cypress Dome*, a student literary magazine at UCF, and her poetry and fiction have appeared in The *Susquehanna Review* and *Takedown.*
*Cynthia Grier Lotze* earned her MFA in poetry from VCU in 2006. She has taught Literature and Writing at VCU and at the University of Mary Washington and teaches in the English Department at St. Catherine’s School. She is at work on a book-length poem entitled *Baedeker for Comets* and her
shorter poems can be found or are forthcoming in publications like *Harpur Palate, Babel Fruit*, *Opium, Versal* and *Makeout Creek*.
*Randy Marshall* received his MFA in poetry from VCU. His poems, essays, and reviews have appeared in *Richmond Arts Magazine, GSU Review, Cream City Review *and *Blackbird*. Selections of his poetry were named as finalists in the Frank O’Hara Chapbook Competitions. He currently serves as Associate Literary Editor of *Blackbird: an online journal of literature and he arts.*

*Tarfia Faizullah* received her MFA in poetry from VCU. She is a former associate editor of Blackbird: an online journal of literature and the arts. Her poetry has appeared in Mid-American Review, The Southern Review, Ploughshares, Cimarron Review, Green Mountains Review, Poetry Daily and elsewhere. She was a 2006-07 AWP Intro Journals Award winner, a 2008-09 winner of the Catherine and Joan Byrne Poetry Prize, and the 2009 winner of Ploughshares’ Cohen Award

Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Jesus wants you to be a millionaire"

A poem by Robert Bruce from (the rest of the poem HERE)

Jesus Wants You to be a Millionaire

We know that he

worked as a carpenter
he gave it up to
tell stories
and generally
piss off people like me

Friday, August 27, 2010

Poets you might (or might not) enjoy

Interesting stuff from Jezebel

An odd mix of the sublime and the sleazy- if you like to talk shit, click on some of the videos (I'm sorry- my personal opinion is, if you think talking about blood and vaginas makes you a better woman than me- I am so not impressed little girl- you don't know my life).

Stand up, commentary, bullshit, brilliance- all under the heading of poetry.

You choose-

Monday, August 23, 2010

A really great poem!!!

A prize winner for Ed Madden-

For I will read queer things in punk magazines in English.
For we will talk about David Bowie and Rod Stewart in art.
For I will watch Sting sing ‘Don’t stand so close to me’ on Friday Night Videos
as I lie on a bed in Sheryl Honey’s house my senior year,
for I will lie on the bed with Elizabeth, who loaned me the magazines,
for I will lie on the bed with Paul, the quarterback with perfect hair and tanned ankles,
for we will watch Sting sing ‘Don’t stand so close to me.’

(click HERE for the entire poem)

Friday, August 06, 2010

Brian Henry talks poetry, man

Brian Henry at Best American Poetry as guest blogger -
(University of Rivhmond, Verse literary zine editor, Weinstein prize winner)










Monday, August 02, 2010

Kelly Cherry named Poet Laureate of Virginia

Kelly Cherry has been appointed Poet Laureate of Virginia. She will serve from 2010-2012.

She was preceeded by Claudia Emerson and Carolyn Foronda, both incredible poets! Cherry is a wonderful follow-up in this line of poets.

a poem from the Cortland Review...

She Doesn't Care What you Say About Her,

Just so Long as you Spell Her Name Right

Would she have fame?
Would she take tea and have fame with her tea?
Or roll a joint, famously?

She imagined approval, applause
A man not bored by her voracity.

In the house to be
Furnished in the future,
There would be intricate, quiet rugs,
Acres of books,
Someone playing the cello.

A late supper after the concert or play...
Outside, the people were clamoring for autographs.
The Madonna Syndrome:

Later, they went home,
And the man who was not bored
By the fact that she loved him
Allowed her to write her name
On his balls with the tip
Of her tongue as many times
As it took to make sure
He got it right.

*******************gotta love that, right??? Thank you Poetry Society of Virginia and Governor Whasisname.