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Monday, November 26, 2012

To post and not to post

I have been writing my poems in a notebook, an actual paper notebook. With lines.

I am going to post a selection briefly this weekend- then remove by the following Friday (Dec 7).

It's complicated, but some of them made me quite happy and I will be submitting them soon and don't want them overexposed on the internet.


Friday, November 02, 2012

poem-a-day November 2, 2012

A Modern Love Poem

does not depend on proper nouns,
a full moon-boon companion blend,
nor big band sound authority
make-it-real inculcation begs.

No, current trends insist we take
our curiosities outside
for air, bare our skins in public
until we stand invisible.

The shadow cast by nothing is
a moth’s breath, the footstep of fish.
Words can be infinitely moved
meaning nothing, garbled nonsense.

Tell everyone this poem is yours,
how I handpicked each turn of phrase.

Poem a Day November 1at

matchbook sonnet

Your bodyheat caught me unprepared,
the acrid burn of hell and heaven
as our elbows touched, I was consumed.

Defined by intensity, we played
pretend, lips sealed in understanding:
to match is not to go together.

Alone, I am incomplete, jagged
edge catching on the delicate gauze
our story wears in such circumstance.

You are my everyday devotion,
the scripture I carry in my hand,
fingerprints left on piano keys.

On the horizon a meteor
flares and disappears. We are done.