memorial for a brilliant woman

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Poetry stuff and I'm writing my memoir

Ed Lull, Virginia poet, is receiving a major recognition - The Emyl Jenkins prize from James River Writers!

Good thing, he really deserves it!!

I have officially started writing my memoir. I took a workshop with Doug Jones at the Visual Arts Center and am planning on more classes with him and others. At the West Virginia Writers Workshop at WVU in July I will be working with non-fiction.

Since my Aunt Margaret died at 98 this month, I am now the oldest member living in my family. Therefore, i carry the memories and can now write them down. Sure, my brothers and sisters may disagree with some of what I say but they can't prove any more than I can it is or isn't the truth.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

behind and busy

poems poems poems- stories, too

gathering poems into workable manuscripts, working on music for church, dealing with a family that needs to get on with things...

I want to strangle a few people who cannot seem to quit meddling in my life and the lives of those I love-

I need a car

I need money and time to work on projects

I need emotional support

I need to help my children see how precious life is and how we can't let negative and hurtful people take that away

the usual.

my meditation is for balance and peace
my hands are open.