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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nothing is different, but everything's changed.

So says Paul Simon...

and last night in North Carolina I played piano for the last of the Richmond IProv performances. We were an all musical improvisational group that started at ComedySportz 2 years or so ago- went through changes, growing pains, little tussles of talent over time but in the middle of all that did some pretty decent work on making people laugh.

Did it change my life? Yes. No. Nothing is different, but everything's changed.

I'm pretty confident about sitting down and riffing, but I did take a step up with them. I made some friends I'll probably keep, but that's always a crapshoot anyway. We did some great holiday specials, I had a great time.

Will I miss it? Yes. No.

Nothing is different, but everything's changed.

Was it fun? Yes, every single performance.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Buy my CHANGE Chapbook!!

My eleven poem chapbook CHANGE won the 2009 Writer's Digest Poetic Asides Chapbook Challenge, The poems were generated from a challenge in November to write a poem-a-day, something I've been doing for seven years during April, National Poetry Month, but have not attempted other months of the year until now.

Each poem reflects “the arc of a love affair” as Paul Simon says, from bright beginnings to the inevitable break and the hope for change. While the poems contain autobiographical elements, they are amalgams of a larger story

The beautiful cover photo was taken by my dear friend Dave Anchel and the book was created by FlashPaperPublications, my DIY imprint.

For $9.00 (P&H included) you will receive a well-crafted elegant book filled with my poems. Click on the Paypal link on the right side of the page!

A little extra surprise will be included with each order.


Iprov's last hurrah at Comedysportz tonight!

If you don't come tonight to Comedysportz at 10pm for the Iprov Love Cruise Special Show you will miss the last opportunity to see the only all-musical improv troupe on thr east coast perform- (and one of maybe three in the entire country!)

seriously- call 266-YESS for reservations-

We are performing one last show in North Carolina next Friday night, but those shows may already be sold out. Plus the drive there.

Don't miss it-

Monday, February 02, 2009

I won a chapbook contest!!

My manuscript "Change" won the Poetic Asides Chapbook Challenge from Writer's Digest!

Very excited!

I read from it at the Art After Hours reading I did January 15th! If you missed it you can buy it at shop6 at art6 this First Friday!!

See ya there!