memorial for a brilliant woman

Monday, May 12, 2014

Great Thanks

Thank you all for your continuing support! The concert yesterday was beautiful and had great attendance! The best thing someone whispered to me was "it would've been better organized if your mom was here"

For you writers still following, there's a great opportunity happening this summer-
My mother loved going to this workshop and always came home with more books than she wanted to carry up and down the hill of a town not far away from my father's hometown- Masontown. They clearly loved her too...
So thank you, WVW for honoring my mother. She was so happy to be a part of the workshop for many years, and I can see that that happiness was requited. Have a wonderful time, and I hope everyone is happy and healthy- and not TOO sweaty up there. The below text is from an email sent to me.

The warmer temperatures mean that the West Virginia Writers’ Workshop is soon approaching. The deadline to participate in full workshop is June 2nd:

[WVWW] is working on a several ways to honor our friend Shann Palmer. Many of you emailed me after my last update, and I appreciated hearing from you. Among the special events is one proposed to us by some of Shann’s workshop friends, and I’m excited to share with you some ways you can choose to be involved.

The idea is to raise money for a WVWW scholarship for the next year’s event in Shann Palmer’s name, which we thought was a tremendous way to honor her. Several faculty will be donating books to be raffled off during Saturday’s dinner/open mic. As well, any participants who would like to donate books to include in the raffle—whether they are authored by you, or are a favorite by another you would like to share with others—we would love to include anyone’s contribution. This is, of course, completely voluntary, and, again, the idea came to us by Shann’s friends and we just thought it was so in her spirit of literary community that we wanted to invite anyone to be involved that wanted to be a part of it. Of course, you can also be involved by buying raffle tickets when you are at the workshop this year. All the money will go to this scholarship.

If you would like to contribute books, please send me a email at This will allow me to organize things. We have other ways we will remember and celebrate Shann Palmer as well.