memorial for a brilliant woman

Saturday, September 17, 2005

where did the time go? Has it been so long since I have said anything?

no- but not here, I suppose

I have a poetry contest going on, if you're interested it's all on my webpage.

In the meantime (there's that time again)
Since I would not enter my own contest, here are some of my small poems-

1.Losing touch implies contact
made prior to now felt good
when you left wordless saying
more with a cursory kiss than
an unexpected fist instructs
the bone to give, then break.

2.I may be disappointed everytime
we interact as I perceive you
accumulating dots while I persist
in swallowing the picture whole yet
we're both in the park with George,
& it's Sunday wherever we stand.

3.On my TV you seem unable to grasp
hope's fragile encouragement left
to stare at your hand like a baby
who does not know these fingers
now folded into a fist will learn
day by day to build a life again.

Your work consumes, no- defines you
dive into the deep end sure death
is not an option you will learn to swim
or better be a fish if you must
to make the grade at least as close as will not
taunt the gods to bring you down.

I think my line break got goofed up