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Monday, October 03, 2005

I'm still digesting the JRWC (see post before this one). It was a great time- I should be at work but the in-laws are coming next weekend, First Friday is coming up and I have to get to ABC license so we can sell wine and beer, and, frankly- I need a shower.

Here's some good news- hot off the press! From The Hook : Best news for Central Virginia poets: The Carole Weinstein Prize in Poetry will award $10,000 annually to poets with strong ties to this area and significant recent contributions to the art.

Imagine! Now $10,000 would not radically change someones lifestyle (though it would sure pay off a few bills and get the hole in the kitchen floor fixed, eliminate worry a little) but -wow- wouldn't that be a treat? I have a list of people I don't want to see get it- but only God can judge us truly- yes? And for that, I'm willing to wait.

L'shanah tovah to my many friends!

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