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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I didn't have to go to work today. I allowed myself sleep- I didn't answer the phone or do anything particularly useful. Except sleep.

I am constantly reminded how much of my time I give away- sometimes by my children, who have learned that questionable talent from me. My son spent time with a friend and didn’t complete a paper. Now he's scrambling and couldn't work (extra) today. I gave away 30 (estimate) of the past 72 hours. I mean, over and above jobs, the time I spent on helping/promoting other people. I don't regret any of those hours, but I didn't do any writing, didn't do many maintenance tasks needed to keep a house in order (notice I don't say 'clean'), and I didn't allow myself any time until today.

Fine, good karma, mitzvahs- all that, if you don't have a paper due.

When I was little my grandmother told me for every good deed you did, you got something else in your mansion in heaven. I used to believe that.

I don't anymore, and maybe that's a sad thing

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