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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I'm making my husband a Green bean Casserole for dinner- the kind with French Fried Onion Rings!

Okay, so I added ham bits and grated romano cheese- he still thinks it's great! I feel a little mmm- Brini Maxwell, or maybe like my mother (or mother-in-law- who actually served us a casserole with Tater Tots on top last time we were there.

I'm going out with the Poetry Society Contest Committee for lasagna-just the five of us and wine- yeah!

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T.S. said...


Did I tell you that I surprised my wife with John from Midlothian Piano? He showed up last week and tuned our piano (and gave us an honest assessment of what it would take to bring about optimum performance). The surprise/gift part is that I want her to teach me to play ... just another excuse for us to hang out together with the TV off.

You make me so hungry when I read your blog. It's Wednesday morning, 9AM, and I haven't had any breakfast. I think I'll petition the powers that be to have a sautee chef for omelettes and a breakfast bar with pancakes and Belgian waffles. And cinnamon buns!

I love breakfast, yet I often have to do without it during the week because I don't wake up early in the morning.

Maybe in 2006.