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Thursday, December 15, 2005

okay- it's psycho-bitch day.

It started with the weather- ice and sleet early this morning. The college is closed, my husband stayed home from work, and though her school is open- the daughter refused to get up (and daddy dear encouraged her by not caring) and is still asleep at noon- BUT she has to go in at 2:00 for Vocal Music Theater and then there is a fashion show tonight (which I probably should attend)

Now, you might say- oh, how cute! Family time!

No, my back hurts (bad sleep), I have to get her up and drive her (he won't), and guess who says "What's for lunch?" when I finally make my way to the other side of pain?

I dunno. Maybe I should kill them and go to jail. I could write poetry, get published, have celebrity backing, go on Oprah when I get out. I wouldn't have trouble being somebody's bitch- I am now!

more later (I hope) and just so you know- I really do love my family!

No killing today! (I need to wash my hair- I don't want a hideous jailhouse picture)

amd BTW, TS-
1866, Amer.Eng. (popularized c.1870 by a Christy Minstrel song), perhaps a reduplication of hunkey "all right, satisfactory" (1861), from hunk "in a safe position" (1847) New York City slang, from Du. honk "goal, home," from M.Du. honc "place of refuge, hiding place." A theory from 1876, however, traces it to Honcho dori, said to be a street in Yokohama, Japan, where sailors went for diversions of the sort sailors enjoy.


hey- go here and listen... (scroll down)

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T.S. said...

Don't kill anyone, Shann! Just have a little coffee, a fistful of anti-inflammatories, and everything will be hunky-dory.

Who was the first person to say hunky-dory, and what inspired them to say it?

Now think about that for a moment. Then, we'll see who's the psycho-bitch.