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Monday, January 02, 2006

Ah, a new year! I am revising today, and cleaning the house a bit, and making chicken salad.

Maybe sorting laundry. The trouble with housework is, no matter how often you do it, it's never done.

Same things with poetry. I was going through chapbooks last night (the little ones I sell at readings) and fixing errors, then revisiting whole poems and juggling passages.

A few poems (very few) I let stand. Not so much I think them perfect, but I can't see anything at this moment that would improve the whole.

My mother used to cut my bangs when I was a kid. She'd trim, look, trim a little more, comb, trim a little more, and eventually I'd have a quarter-inch line of hair across my forehead. It was not a good look for me. What she didn't think about is with my eye being so much smaller on the left side of my face, there was no way a straight-line bang situation was going to look right. She needed to look at ME, not try to make my face look like someone else's. It took me years to learn that, and a very talented stylist.

My poems are the same. I have to fix them according to what they are trying to say, not what might suit someone else.

Of course, I'm revising because I have nothing new to say right now. Even in this new year.

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T.S. said...

Well happy birthday! Mine's the 23rd. Something about we Aquariuses (Aquarii?), being all creative, bearing water while being an air sign...

... I got busy at work today. People not in the know (i.e. management) have tasked the little people (i.e. those in the know) with a lot of work that will be used with neither the urgency nor the quantity to which it's being requested...

... which is to say I've only been able to steal a few moments here and there in morning meetings, scribbling lines and phrases here and there. I've got a new idea for a poem that I can't start freewriting and I'm frustrated. My nerve endings are like galaxies, making slow-loops around the known universes, gleaning poetic inspiration from the jetsum of comet's tails... hmmm, better write that down.

So, happy birthday. We've got Lyric Ave this Saturday and Sunday at Theatre IV's Empire Theatre 114 W. Broad Street, doors open at 8PM... I'm selling tickets, but I'm also rehearsing every night this week (I'd need my own blog to describe that adventure), so I won't be haunting the venues.

Plus, the Giants' playoff game conflicts with Shockoe Poets, so I'll miss Jimmy getting shouted down by the grinder and blender.

I look forward to the next calm poetic moment. I'm stealing writing time because dammit, it's worth it... just don't tell my bosses.

Oh, it's lunchtime!