memorial for a brilliant woman

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Small minds

always think simple solutions
will cover major event plans:
which vendor really delivers,
about how many custom widgets
the local wood shop can whittle,
the perfect Hallmark card.

Beady little eyes can't see
around corners, an exotic view
is needed, a desire for more
than a plain cheese omelet,
egg drop soup, the next bold idea,
a better place for pantyhose.

I thought you were bona fide:
good genes, sharp sunglasses,
non-linear road maps, a fondness
for show tunes and chocolate,
a sense of flamingos, bow ties,
the gift of genuine perfidy.

Out of good plots, I devoured yours,
eager to be swept onto the Oriental,
dancing backwards anyway, I was
an easy sheep, ready for the spit
shiny lifestyle of the brainless,
eye candy devotees, the watchers.

Goes to show, in the end nobody
smiles anymore than they have to,
we all pick our noses in the car
and you turned inside out, after all
the changes I made for fickle fashion,
the new red is just as black as ever.

1 comment:

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Excellent, Shann! Rings especially true for a guy who works in marketing.