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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Collusion Course

We are so far apart and so close
together we become better irony
to spite the price of fuel and food,
tooled in disturbed habitats, we are
luculent dandelions, everywhere.

Another choice each hour episodic:
epistolary whispers, hoarse blankets,
video killed the radical star, who
never bothered to bank a nickel bag
leaving the fans broke and prayerless.

They've got a wall in China, a whale
of a wall, even Jonah knew to turn
back, fall out of time, save daylight
himself, by Jove, Jehovah, the dark
knows when to be patient, patiently.

Only male poets are fat, old women
get more respect but not much longer,
better to show cleavage than cleave
in mid-air, the ground below looks
up and waits, like a clock, for us all.

after, somewhat, jacques brel

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