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Monday, May 29, 2006

Support Your Local Poets!

How hard is this? Why do people insist upon cross-scheduling events when all they have to do is check around a few calendars here and there?

In the next two weeks there are two groups in Richmond that have scheduled events on the same night- two had been scheduled since at least April 1st, and the other two slipped in just this week (one yesterday morning) and plopped on top of the others.

These are events that involve the same set of poets, and are not distinct enough to seek different audiences (for instance- if the University MFA's had a reading and the Slam poets had a reading the crossover is inconsequential- a couple of poets and myself might have to choose).

SUPPORT your local poets- your friends, your colleagues, your fellow toilers in the field of words.


T.S. said...
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T.S. said...
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T.S. said...

I think everyone, at one time or another, has written something online they wished they could take back.

Well, I'm taking back a post I made here that, for the most part, was an honest plea for harmony in our little poetry community... but it came from a place of frustration, and included overly critical comments of another event in town.

I was out of line making remarks like the ones that appeared here, because they go against the goal of increasing awareness and support of the spoken word poetry community in Richmond.

I apologize for any hurt feelings and hope to move beyond this as quickly as possible.

This post is here to admit my mistake, but the original post has been removed out of respect for individuals whom have done great things for this poetry community.

T.S. said...

Post Script: I just got an email inviting me to a new Wednesday night open mic event that starts this week... the exact same night as Soul Cafe Wednesdays. In addition, our friends down Route 64 in Norfolk scheduled a poetry slam the same night as Lyric Ave.

I guess there are just not enough days for poetry... this is a good thing, to have a choice any given night of the week.

These are days we should relish here in Virginia. We're sending a team to nationals and we have poetry events all over the Commonwealth. We'll all be saying about these past few years, "Remember when...?" sooner than we know. Poets move on; some move to other cities and some just stop writing. If we keep bringing the energy and support to all of the great events in town, the crowds will grow and, if all goes well, get to know one another. That's been a goal of SlamRichmond and an accomplishment of Just Poetry's slam and jam.

My stance has always been to help the scene, and the next step I'm considering is creating a master calendar for spoken word events around the Old Dominion... it wouldn't be perfect, but it would certainly be a good place to start.