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Saturday, May 06, 2006

What a day!

My daughter's 18th birthday-

First Friday at the gallery (art6)

Slow crowds (1007) okay- it's Cinco de Mayo and Nascar weekend but
geez- the gallery needed to make a little cash-


I managed to lose $100 of what we did make- whenever the cash box gets five $20's- I take them out and put them elsewhere- just a precautionary thing-

but somehow tonight I managed to lose $100.

Yes, I've looked everywhere- I think it slipped out of my bra (yes, my bra) and someone picked it up.

I have no idea where I will get the money to replace it- twenty months (plus extra performances) I have been doing this and I have never lost a dime, and in fact have MADE money for the gallery.

This is crazy.

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