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Sunday, June 11, 2006

read this- Kay Day's take on the state of lit-

The local James River Writers Festival doesn't list any poets (yet)- last year there were two 'panels' with local people, mostly (at least those that showed up). The best for me was meeting Reb Livingston-

wait- I just checked- there are SIX poets listed for 'panels'. Of course five are local and so well known around here I can quote some of their poetry- the one exception being Elena Georgiou - who I've never heard of but went to the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts-

I may as well go to Dodge- it's the same weekend, I hear.


Reb said...

It was cool meeting you too, poet-madre. It's always great meeting someone you share a common enemy. :)

T.S. said...

Dodge is that weekend? Do I smell a road trip?