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Monday, August 21, 2006

And BTW- my poem "At the Museum, Molly" has been accepted for inclusion in the Bedside Guide to the NoTell Motel- second floor" coming out in 2007- YEAH!!!!!

AND on September 1st (First Friday opening) a wonderful interpretation of my poem "Daddy said I was a Firesign" will be exhibited at art6!!! The artist is John Walters (co-owner of Comedy Improv Theatre) and it is WONDERFUL!!! Please come by and see it (or BUY it $200- I'm sure I undervalued it). It is really a great piece if art!


Well- here we go- the first day of the rest of my life-

Dropped the daughter off for her first class at the community college this morning (she's taking general courses there this semester- 1) About 30% of the cost of four-year college courses, 2) Guaranteed admission to Virginia Commonwealth University- though we still have to get into the theater/costume design program by December 1st- and full transfer credit if she makes above 3.0 or above)

I dropped her off because there is not near enough parking for all the students. No off street because it's on a major road and Richmond has the worst public transportation you can imagine.

Now if I can just get the son off the couch- VCU starts Thursday but we still have no word on his financial aid (loan). If it doesn't come through he may have to take only one class or stay out completely until next semester.

Guess we'll see about that.

So I've done 2 laundry loads and washed dishes- maybe I'll even get a chance to write a little today!!!


T.S. said...

Let me be the first to congratulate you on No-Tell Motel (even though you just told me about it on the phone)...

... amen to the lousy public transportation and... but hey, maybe Paul's financial aid news will come through.

And I can't wait to hear about the next contest!


Ross White said...

Hey, I know John Walters. He rules. I'd love to see what he came up with for your poem.