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Friday, November 10, 2006

Writing off the cuff-

I am so busy my eyes hurt, but it's only temporary. After next Friday, my life smoothes out again (at least as much as it ever does).

Playing piano at the high school really slams my hands, then I go off to clean houses, drive the kids, go to what poetry events I can manage, then come home and fall into bed.

I got the Adventures of Brisco County Jr DVD (it's my Christmas present- we don't worry about 'under the tree' much, I mean what if I died on Christmas Eve and never got to watch it?) Anyway- I've slept through about half of the 24 episodes- I love what I've seen, I'm a HUGE Bruce Campbell fan-

and Sunday I'm going to Charlottesville to see Christine Lavin, one of my favorite folkies. My friend Dave sent me a tape years ago with a wonderful song called "The Kind of Love You'll Never Recover From" that just kills me everytime I hear it-

so, poetry, man- is it still out there. God, I hope so.

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Jilly said...

Bruce Campbell is great. And I'm actually married to a "sensitive new age guy." Enjoy the concert. :)