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Monday, December 11, 2006

It;s been awhile.

I've been distracted- work, family, all that. The son graduated from college- English and Philosophy- on Saturday. Both kids are in exams right now (yes, he graduated before exams were done)

I have been getting Mary Engelbreit goodies off of eBAy. And crossstitch patterns.

been working, spending money- the usual.

No poetry right now- give me a few days.

I have to work at it- I'm planning a One-Woman Show at art6 Gallery for February 23rd.

Y'all come!

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T.S. said...

Just a-trollin' on a Saturday. Glad to know you've got the work/spend thing going. Be a good 'merikan.

Hope we get to have lunch next week before wife and I hit the road for Floriduh.

All the best,