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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

You know what I bought today??

RED shiny shoes, little faux loafers from Steve Madden (thank you DSW for having good prices and sending me a $5 birthday certificate)

in The Melic review

(I Wanted To) dance on your grave

wearing red shiny shoes
spit on your headstone
hair unbound
Great God Almighty
free at your last breath
the letters I never sent
calls I almost made
presents I nearly purchased
lost their gilt-edged sharpness
when you died on Good Friday
2000 miles away I had finished
tenebrae and crucifixion
three hours in a trance
hands shaking on the keyboard
Saturday night vigil
yet to Sunday services
one after the other
alleluias unsung for forty days
and more than forty years
peeling like bells from my tongue
but not for Christ, not for you
too busy to remember
(I wanted to)dance on your grave
but they burned you to ashes
stacked your box with the others
father upon father
no stones, no graves
no dancing daughters

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