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Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'm busy working on my show for February 23rd- Expedient Exaggeration

soooo much to do!

but here's a little love thang from Poetry Hut

I have love poems for sale at the gallery (art 6)

yeah- here's one:


The momentum of impulse
made common by nature’s design
explodes when she says
a kiss is just a kiss and he replies,
Let us be lovers, we’ll marry
our fortunes together
impetus sets lover’s loose to embrace
promises made before they can be
inculcated; mindless as the everyday
housewife daring to dream,
dancing with broom and swifter, alone.

At the precipice of reason, they bide
together holding each other in the dark,
eyes squeezed shut against temptation,
days tumbling by in the business of living,
work devouring passion, replacing heat,
their thermostat set at comfortable.

In the end, love wins, a kind of love born
from foolishness blossomed into custom.
Who else would want this old man, this
fragile woman? No one remembers
who they once were, how they finished
each others sentences, laughed at nothing,
made love in sunlight dazzled by beauty.

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