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Monday, March 26, 2007

So I look up and I haven't posted anything in ages- I will say I am really enjoying the copy of Floating City by Anne Pierson Wiese I got in the mail.

National Poetry Month will be here on Sunday! I intend to make another year (my 5th) of writing a poem-a-day and dragging others in with me. It's a good discipline and I've gotten some wonderful poems out of the experience (also some terrible ones, but hey!)

I know there are those who pooh-pooh the whole thing and that's their decision. I happen to like any month when I can talk about poetry and have something that sounds official to back me up. Yeah, I know- I talk poetry all the time, but now people have to pretend to pay better attention.

More soon!

Get ready!

Check THIS out

and for teachers check THIS and THIS, too

and for bloggers

for a poem-a-day from publishers- try

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Simmons B. Buntin said...

I hung up my National Poetry Month poster from the Academy of American Poets. Does that count?