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Monday, May 21, 2007

my freewill astrology for this week- I love this!

I wish I could get a newly discovered species of beetle or an underground lake of ice on Mars named after you. I wish I could buy you a temple in Bali, and arrange for you to have your fortune told by the blind prophetess of Rio de Janeiro. And I wish I could dress you in 200-year-old velvet robes and silk scarves once worn by Turkish royalty. You richly deserve honors and blessings like these, Capricorn. It's that time in your astrological cycle when life is supposed to overflow with rewards for the good work you've been doing for a long time. I urge you to be vividly confident that you do indeed deserve these rewards, and radiate that faith in all directions.

My daughter got her driver's license today- she's 19, her peers have had theirs for years, but her father is ummmmmmmm- a cheapskate- and didn't want to have her insured. Too late now, we did it and it's done. Hah!

She's very proud, just drove herself to a staff meeting for her job in the city's summer parks and recreation dept. She'll be doing costumes, like last year but for more money.

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