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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Time for some reading, some poem gathering, some submitting (got that VA Commisision for the Arts grant deadline coming up), and house cleaning (notice what's last).

Son gone to Ocrakoke with girlfriend and family, daughter moved out (mostly) and me with a new CD from Souvenir's Young America. They played at art 6 last night and were really great- (along with a guy in a tent playing guitar and Erin Tobey).

Cool stuff- I liked it all but particularly SYA- reminiscent of Tortoise with a hint of Calexico (without vocals) - my kind of music.

In the immediate, must get to Ukrops for the Saturday specials! Duke's mayonnaise 2 for $3!!!

I can make tuna salad for DAYS!!!

TOMORROW at art 6- the monthly Bend An Ear reading! 3-5 pm please come!

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The former Tempo said...

Busy day, and a busy life, Shann p. So glad to have finally looked up your BLOG and found it. It's a treasure trove, for sure. I'll be back to visit & read, time and again. Keep on truckin', woman. "Signed,"
Tempo that was ...