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Saturday, August 11, 2007

since it's been in the news- here's a (rant) poem from ten years ago- it's full of factual info but I won't say what's not- (and I later found out it was Lake Squam in the movie, I was misinformed)

Lake Winnepesauke

It’s where they filmed that movie On Golden Pond
you know, the picture people rented Scott's Chris Craft
for the long shots across the lake's cold blue clear water
I had to look up, it made me dizzy trying to get that deep.
Looking down the bayou was never like staring at granite,
you could swim and never get a crab nibble or snake bite
but that was the iciest water this Gulf Coast baby
knew stuck a toe in, even Steve and Steve ( best friends
with the same name, imagine that!) slalomed in wet suits.
One night he said Put it on, I want to make love to someone
in rubber
but I couldn't get into it in any case and he pouted off
telling me his girlfriend in Laconia would do anything for him
why couldn't I do this simple thing?
somehow making it all
my fault that my abundant curves wouldn't conform to black kink,
but the real kick in the head was the long-distance call from his folks
in Boston saying they'd seen a woman in a tiny bikini on their dock
and maybe he'd just better keep his low-class trashy Texas wife
inside, Well, he decided it was nobody’s business, private property
so the next morning I went out stark naked. No one ever mentioned it,
not even crazy old man Shrimpton across the way, who was
having breakfast with the ducks around the dock.

Come to think of it, I never heard a loon that whole summer
at least not so anybody pointed out.

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