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Sunday, September 09, 2007


at ArtSpace Gallery, Zero E. 4th St., Richmond, the Hypothetically Speaking Tour makes a stop, featuring spoken word artist Corey Houlihan and singer-songwriter Julia Carroll. Stop through and check out some art in motion (as in, up and down the East coast).
Georgia-based performers Julia Carroll and Corey Houlihan have teamed up for tour through the southeast. Beginning in Savannah, Georgia and concluding in south Florida, the two will travel the region making nine stops in eight different cities. Carroll is an acoustic singer-songwriter and Atlanta native who describes her music as "hardfolk," while Houlihan is a spoken word artist who hails from Long Island now residing in Georgia.

The two openly queer performers consider themselves activist artists and, through their work, frequently touch on political and social issues. Poet and author Michelle Tea on Houlihan: "I think we just found the missing link between Eminem and Gloria Steinem." Carroll, who recently released her sophomore recording, Migrating South is described by The Beltane Papers as "one of the tough and passionate young singer-songwriter musicians that will make you stop, think, and wonder what in the hell you are doing floating along in the mainstream music scene."

The Hypothetically Speaking Tour is a force to be reckoned with, literally.

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