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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

why poetry? why not something useful?

yeah, that.

If you're lucky your friends like your stuff, or say they do (when they bother to pay attention), maybe you feel a little better spilling your brain squeezin's onto a nice clean sheet of paper, maybe it's even more active than playing the nine-thousandth of freecell, but what is it really all for??

Go to that reading, slam, workshop, take your golf claps, shout-outs, and thinly veiled you-sucks and keep drooling those word strings all over your bib, baby-

for all the good it'll do


Tom said...

Like golf, where an entire round may yield one memorable shot (a.k.a. The Shot That Keeps You Coming Back), poetry usually has that moment, when you're reading or someone else is inspiring you, that makes the whole thing worthwhile.

Personally, I'm still struggling to find my place in the circle, my true center and my excuse to consider this something at which I am able. That struggle continues.

Why poetry? Because it's there, as the late Sir Edmund Hillary would say. Why not? as the late John Belushi would say with a hair-flattening belch.

Nick said...

Getting alot of that lately...and I'm starting to pay attention...hmmm!