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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

if it weren't for blogs

I would never have heard about this atrocity-

Lawrence King (more here)

A friend had to go to a 'sensitivity' workshop today because some guy in his department made the remark to another (white) worker "You don't have to do n*gg*r work."

What the hell is wrong with some people?

I don't know how to even respond anymore, other than with outrage. You can't be too fat, too thin, too black, too brown, too gay- anything is reason for ridicule, harrassment, and possibly death, and God knows, don't fail a student, fire a worker, or dump your boyfriend/girlfriend.

I don't want to become a humorless bitch, but don't talk to me about gun control, talk to me about what people do to each other, with their mouths, with their fists, and sometimes their weapons.

Where's the poetry in that?

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Paul H said...

Why did your friend have to be sensitized? He didn't say it.

What if it had been two blacks? I have heard that same comment among blacks and it was often said with a smile as an inside joke.

Everyone is so quick to judge and then turn around and tell the world