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Sunday, February 03, 2008

NYC was amazing!

Saw friends Dave Anchel, Claudia Emerson, Carolyn Foronda, Sheri Reynolds, Ron Smith, David Wojahn, Thom Ward, Mary Flinn, Tim Suermondt, and a whole passle of VCU faculty and students.

Met in person (some for the first time though I know them on the internet, some at the reading) C. Dale Young, Paul Guest, Dennis Loy Johnson, Denise Duchamel, Wyn Cooper, Simmons Buntin, Scott Calhoun, Susan Frickshorn, David Rothenberg, Deborah Fries, and many more that I'll have to dig out of my memory banks!!

I'll do a longer report later, but I saw and heard so very much! I don't think I'll go to Chicago, unless I hit the lottery, but DC in 2010 looks pretty likely.

In the meantime, I'm going to start saving money for the West Virginia Writer's Workshop in July and the Dodge Poetry Festival in the fall (we're trying to get a group from Richmond to go).

Poetry Lives!

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It was great to meet you and read with you in NYC, Shann. Simmons did a wonderful job of bringing us together as members of the sisterbrotherhood of!