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Friday, February 08, 2008

The Politics of Erotica (poetry)

Check out this blog entry over at The Best American Poetry. Today's guest writer is Denise Duchamel on the politics of erotica. There are other entries listed- I will be watching for February 10th: Jill Alexander Essbaum.

There is a huge difference in erotic and sexual writing- one of the things I always hated about certain slam events is how there is always a poem or two about "how much you will enjoy my.... (whatever) " and how "I will ......(whatever)", and those poems get wild audience reactions and big scores, though they are barely poems (more like commercials). Better to make me hot with subtlety and veiled suggestions and show me later.

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WC said...

I agree ... Shock is just that ... shock ... like the fat lady in the mini skirt and the 6 inch heels ... everyone stops to look ... but no one wants to "claim her" as their own.