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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Style bumped the story- for what??

Who knows? There must have been something much more important to fawn over or make fun of so the wonderful all musical show I-Prov at ComedySportz every 2nd and 4th Friday at 10pm could be bypassed.

Maybe Doug Wilder farted or something, that could've been it. Or some suck-up, oops, I mean stuck-up Fan fluke who'd rather have a Hummer and a Glen Allen McMansion but pretends to give a rat's ass about 'performance art' barfed out another painting.

Would've been nice to get a little ink- it's the only all-music-improv troupe in the country- together for over a year, with amazing results. These folks do a full half-hour musical parody of BROADWAY musicals. They've birthed babies- there on stage!- they've saved the Muffin Tops and even make up choreography RIGHT ON THE SPOT!

Audiences needed- word of mouth- it costs so much to put ads all over, a kind word from a newspaper, even a weekly, would help so much- BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- it was more important to diss the costumes for "Little Women" out at Swift Creek Mill (which are actually just fine, apparently the reviewer thinks local theaters have movie-style budgets, and besides, maybe she didn't get the underlying story of the genteel poor, but hey!)

Oh great- now they'll probably send HER to review it- and I'll just bet she "doesn't get" improv.

It's really fun and funny- call 266-YESS for reservations for the 10pm show Friday night. If you reserve, it's cheaper.

Oh yeah- in the interest of disclosure I know the piano player. And one of the waitresses.


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