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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

RTD farts an article about poetry, Style panders again

better poetry news from the internet... (Ron Silliman's wonderful blog)

Why poets sound that way

and from Ellen Steinbaum, who came to Richmond a few years ago at Artspace and then returned to do a presentation for the Poetry Society of Virginia.

Words and music

and from Reb Livingston men explain things to me

and oh yeah, STYLE WEEKLY managed to finally give us some ink something in the middle of the month about poetry (I haven't been out yet to get a copy but my comments were apparently edited out to make room for the MFA certified crowd- sigh, some poet just can't get no respect!)

The Richmond Times Dispatch got poetry in on Sunday (if Nikki Giovanni hadn't written a poem about the VT tragedy, would this have appeared?) with a nice bit from Virginia poet laureate Carolyn Foronda, but the sidebar had errors that could have been caught if the writer had googled poetry events in Richmond and checked the LOCAL news (I emailed the reporter- no reply)

1 2 3 4 (this is where she got the wrong time)

I hate to complain again, but geez people- there's so much out there.

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