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Friday, May 09, 2008

Poetry events for the rest of May (you won't see these in the RTD)

Go to my calendar at FlashPaperPoetry to check on events-

DaybyDay Some new events were just added from James River Writers and Chop Suey.

I have to grouse a little, though- a billion poets in Richmond and the rest of Virginia and the same old boring poets (with a few exceptions) are going to be trotted out again.


If you're in Williamsburg next weekend, the Poetry Society of Virginia is putting on it's annual festival- it may be too late to get the meals, but the events should be fun- I'll be there- presenters include: Joseph Awad, Henry Hart, Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda, Edward Lull, Jay Paul, Thomas Sanchez Prunier, Dan and Suzanne Stryk, and Vivian Teter.

I can't wait to get to the West Virginia Writers Workshop in July to hear some new voices- oh wait! Brian Henry from UR and Sheri Reynolds will be on the faculty (but I absolutely adore Sheri). Reading, writing, and the road to Richmond, indeed.

I'm grumpy because I ate something bad and got a little sick- now I have to go to the mountains for 3 days for a church retreat- the food is incredibly good, but I was there Mon-Wed and ate waaaaaay too much- then came home and got sick and I'm still a little shaky.

Live long and publish, uh, prosper!

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newzoopoet said...

Seems like most center around the VCU folks.