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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Poet Laureate Position Open

Gov. Kaine was given a slate last month of candidates for poet laureate for Virginia 2008-2010.

We're ten days in and no fearless leader to get us through!

Poets, rise up and lift your voices! Write the governor!

(news from the news: war is over, all the celebrities are dead, nobody hurts children or animals, and george bush resigned, in case you feel guilty about writing about a trivial thing like a poet laureate)

Carolyn Foronda has done such a wonderful job for the state- she's traveled all over the state bringing poetry to adults and children from the mountains to the sea- I can't say enough kind words about her!

From the choices he has, I hope Claudia Emerson is appointed. Though Nikki Giovanni would be delightful, her health and age would likely make it an honorary appointment, she probably wouldn't be able to do nearly what needs to be done. It is, you know, an unpaid post- at least in England they can get a butt of sack. Seriously. Look it up.

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Tom said...

Check out my thoughts on Virginia's poet laureate nominees, including one non-poet, here: