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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back from the land of poets! (New Jersey?? R U kidding?)

The 2008 Dodge Poetry Festival was amazing, frustrating, inspiring, and WET.

They must view it like the state fair here- a bringer of rain!

But, ah, the poetry!! A surprise visit last night by Gerald Stern, two hours with Billy Collins, a set as long with Ted Kooser, a joyful meeting with Naomi Shihab Nye, a reunion with Jane Hirshfield.

And more, so very much more!

I have a bag full of wet, stinky clothes, a few books, and the realization that poetry is not as dead as it sometimes seems here in Richmond, that poets are not all selfish and annoying, that some poets will walk miles to hear the right words in the right order...

and relearned that I am a poet because I write and read poetry, not because of an open mike and a captive audience.

Thank you Tom and David A. You are dear friends and I treasure your support.

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