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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Support the Arts!! be a Borgia!!

By supporting the artist- yeah, that's the ticket!

This July, I attended West Virginia Writer's Workshop at West Virginia University to study with Denise Duhamel (who is wonderful). I am going to attend the Dodge Poetry Festival September 25-29. This has all kind of tapped me out, though I have four part-time jobs (I also volunteer at the gallery and the Virginia Museum).

If anyone would like to contribute to the cause of poet- you can send a check to art 6 Gallery care of my name and I guarantee I will use it wisely. This is your chance to be like one of the great patrons of days long past!! You could be a modern day Borgia!! No poison involved!

Shann Palmer is certainly a non-profit entity, though not by the legal definition, but think of it as a mitzvah as the holidays approach- no, I'm not Jewish but I try to do a good thing every day myself.

Or you could stop by the gallery Thursday-Sunday and buy my chapbooks, poetry bags, and CD.

Or commission a poem!

yeah- all that- of course, I know personally most of the folks who read my blog and I know you could use the same favor. I should be grateful I have a healthy family, all the food I need, and a roof over my head. Every poet I know could use a patron. Bless us every one!!

Send it to the gallery instead as a donation- or any gallery of your choice! Or any poet of your choice!

Then go here or here or here or here or here and read a poem- it will make your world a better place!

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