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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Billy Collins new book- buy it in hardback

You will want to, after reading this review

I saw Collins read at least three times at the Dodge festival last week. He is charming, funny, wry, and an excellent poet. I've heard people dismiss his work- well, whatever- there are plenty of poets to read out there, he's just one-one of MY favorites.

I read about half of the new book and found so many of the poems to be spot-on as a voice of my world. He's a bit older than I am- nine years- but still close to all the things I know and have seen. Together, we've seen the Twilight Zone, the Cleavers, the Kennedy's, watched cigarettes go from a relaxing weight-control aid to a horror movie monster. He knows my language (as does Tony Hoagland- my FAVORITE poet).

He read the poem "January in Paris"- it is a wonderfully crafted piece. Or is he just blowing smoke?

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