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Saturday, January 10, 2009

A disappointing First *Second* Friday

The crowds were small and the money was tight- I was concerned when I saw very little about First Friday being moved to Second Friday because of the proximity of New Year's (plus most galleries didn't want to be struggling to get a new show up)

Our gallery (and others, and Curated Culture) sent info to the papers, to radio stations, the usual publicity outlets- but the info was not given any weight (I know- choosing what gets major ink is hard and bla bla bla- but it seems to me an event such as First Friday which is BTW, one of Richmond's most successful events in spite of the city and such, should be better supported by the local media).

Of course, maybe the galleries should have thought in advance how this would all work- it seems these things often catch us short- short of time, short of money, short of everything.

Part of it, no doubt, is the lack of balance between the for profit and the non-profit galleries. Art is art- isn't it? I suppose I should also take a little dig at the artist who (and this is definitely not aimed at ALL artists, but you know who I mean) who think they are so talented they like to stroll in and take their kudos and stroll out as if they are so special that's all people came to see-

It makes it tough for the wonderful but working artists who are willing to mix with the hoi-polloi, bring a tray for the table and work the room (and try to help with their own publicity).

Just a little unfocused rant here- there are all sorts of meetings coming up this week and next for 'planning' and 'strategic goals' and other baloney that will only make money for consultants and survey makers.

I'll work on getting to meetings, work with groups, whatever it takes, and I hope other members of art6 and other galleries do, too. I wish I felt more people had ART in mind and not how they can make money. I wish more people would put a little time in, somewhere, and make this all happen.

And I wish those who could would buy art and support our local artists.

not to mention poets and poetry....

and a little friendly ink from RTD and STYLE and URGE and V etc wouldn't hurt.

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