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Monday, April 13, 2009

still going with the poem a day- it's not too late to pledge!!!

Pledge here- put this sentence in the comment box: Pledge support for Shann Palmer poem-a-day for April 2009


Nick said...

Keep them coming...enjoyed!

JAVELIN said...

JAIMESALSOP· ISBN-10: 0976195402
· ISBN-13: 978-0976195405
· Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.6 inches

If that link did not work go to and click on books, type in Jaimes Alsop as the author, but legally speaking he is described as the editor under the authorship of Alsopreview Publishers.

Does anyone wonder why was supposedly hacked and took a hard smacking from some unscrupulous (Chinese) hacking club?

Well, it looks as if Jaimes Alsop has legal digital rights to the copyright of the entire website (including the workshopped poems). He has reproduced selected poems for the Anthology Number One. Presumably there will follow an Anthology Number Two, followed by an Anthology Three and Four, which will probably encompass your workshopped poems. He has legal entitlement as long as he accredits said poems with your names and pseudonyms. It will be interesting to see if any of these authors will receive any monetary reward for their literary endeavours. I surmise that there will be very little surplus after the publishing expenses and admin/labour (copy and paste is very hard work y’know) fees have been claimed.

Shann Palmer said...

??? I'm in that anthology. you know- those poems were from 2004 and earlier- if anyone is able to make any kind of a profit after all this time, good for them.

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