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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Writing, poetry, and life

I feel like I am crawling out from under a large mass of debris. Since around the 20th of May life has taken many unexpected twists and turns that have left me unable to focus on anything more than making it from day to day.

My writing has suffered, I had too much to say and too little time to give.

However, thanks to Ross White, I started writing a poem a day for the month of July. I'm keeping them short, simple, but trying to express some of the turmoil of the past two months.

I have read two books- the new Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood) book by Charlaine Harris and The Virgin of Bennington by Kathleen Norris, both interesting and enjoyable for different reasons.

The gallery exhibition Poetry Room is a wonderful success, thanks to all the poets who sent work (over 40). Since it will be up through August 16th and we'll have another First Friday opening in August, anyone is welcome to send poems (in the body of an email, please, to shannp (at) gmail (dot)com).

After the car wreck (I was forced off the road by some hoodlums) I have since gotten a new(ish) car and am very happy with it. And I feel safe.

So c'mon poetry, stories, whatever...I'm ready to write and open-minded.


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Anonymous said...

Yay Shann! You show that muse who's boss!