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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Poetry Resolutions

Poetry Resolutions 10-17-10

1) To pay attention
2) To revise and reorder poems
3) To organize my time around writing poetry
4) Submit submit submit (contingent on #2)
5) Set aside reading times (poetry first, fiction after)
6) Clear my desk, clear my head
7) Walk everyday (I should probably move that up, it's doable)
8) Continue eating well, and plan meals better for the husband (who is quitting smoking)
9) Keep better contact with friends, near and far

Cooler weather brings more energy- I wish it brought more money (but I can't let that hold me up from doing these resolutions). It's very tempting to huddle under a throw and moan about details- I have certainly done  enough of that recently.

Forward. Outward display. Inner Peace.



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C. E. Chaffin said...

Funny, you made these resolutions on my 56th birthday, which I had promoted as "Namaste Day," the day we should each treat the other as the suffering Christ. So I hope your intentions hold. Ever thought about being treated for ADD? Adderall is a great drug that really helps me focus. Your list cries for greater organization. Sometimes a little medication can make a world of difference.