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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

November poem a day for the 8th

Ask Alice

She’s always saying yes when she wants
to say no, doesn’t seem right how folks
take advantage of her good nature, does it?

Then she’ll turn right around and Big Fat No
something that seems interesting, like a party
or dinner at a fancy place she’d never go alone.

Been known to say no to food when she’s hungry,
squeeze her legs tight in the car too prim to answer
in the affirmative to “Anybody need to stop?”

Hard-wired to do for others, deny herself,
she comes from a long line of giving women,
the kind that believes it’s what has to be done,

after all, it’s biblical, right? Dutiful wives,
loving mothers, must learn to abide, sit tight,
give in, walk the extra mile for everybody else.

The ease of Yes, the discomfort of No
needs to be switched around, rethought
before she wears herself out with loving.

Prob’ly have to piss off a few folks, before
the new rules set themselves in stone,
likely have to cry behind the steering wheel

when they play the guilt card, she mustn’t cave.
Truth be trotted out- she never did ‘em a favor
always pulling the wagon without any help.

She’s gonna give it a good No next time,
save the Really Big YES for what she wants.
Maybe dogs and Alice can turn a trick around.

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