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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday gifts for poets!!

I'm freezing- I don't care about anything but getting warm.
Busy waiting for packages to arrive so I can wrap them, that kind of thing.

Ordered a number of poetry books (from the poets directly), still trying to get to Fountain Bookstore (favorite bookstore in Richmond) to pick up a few titles.

For your poet friends:

Journals (though some of us like notebooks- what have you seen them use?)
Subscriptions (you can do this online)
         Poets & Writers
         or a million others!
         for a list of poet's favorite book's, go here and scroll through the suggestions made by poets
Gift cards to bookstores (like Fountain Bookstore in Richmond or a local independent)

Most of these you can order right from your favorite chair and computer!!

Remember- THINK LOCAL, BUT LOCAL whenever you can!

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