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Friday, July 29, 2011

Poet Laureate of Virginia

To all concerned:

There is NO List at this time for nominations for Virginia Poet Laureate!

Kelly Cherry is the current laureate and will serve until her term expires in Fall of 2012.

When the time comes, probably early spring, the newsletter for the Poetry Society of Virginia will contain a ballot where interested parties can submit names. Ten names will go forward to the MEMBERSHIP of the poetry society for a vote which will then be reduced to 5 names (three from the committee, two from at-large candidates). Up until that time, no names or candidates will be considered and it does not make me very happy to receive all these letters of support in my email, since I have one vote and one vote only, just like every other member of the society.

If you want to be eligible to vote, join the poetry society. We have been appointed by the legislature to suggest names to the governor.

Your candidate may be the most qualified, may receive enough votes to be on the final list, but all of this is more than six months away. This is NOT a popularity contest. Letters of support hold no sway and will not be considered. Someone needs to nominate your candidate when the time comes.

There will be many wonderful and well-qualified candidates. The poet laureate spends the two years traveling all over the state presenting programs and readings. It is not an award to be given as a tribute, it is a difficult, expensive, and time-consuming job.

Please go to for more information and to join the society, if you wish.

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