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Saturday, August 13, 2011

top ten "best of" poets?

It;'s a new world out there, children.

They can cast Philip Levine as the Studs Terkel of poetry, but they can't make a single baby boomer young again- and double that when you judge it poetry. (Okay, I got a little lost on the good ship trope but I'm not rewritting this- it's not a poem).

ANYWAY,  Click here to get some interesting opinions- and click on the specific poetry links.

Tell me what you think- I'm not sure yet what I think.

I've never heard of ANY of these poets, that I can remember (and that worries me).

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WC said...

The fact that no one has heard of them is (probably) why they are classified as "new poets" [or vice-versa] ... I went to the website for poet #9 (Sara Michas-Martin) ... I enjoyed some of her work.