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Saturday, April 07, 2012

2012 Poem-a-day 5

Fanciful attraction

What a time it must have been, mamma,
when big cars full of cheap gas
took to the pavement, in the summer
you could drive about anywhere

in a halter top and linen shorts
with cuffs and ironed creases,
you were a pretty girl looking for fun,
face freckled, brown hair in a knot.

When you met daddy, did you
go to Corpus Christi right away,
heart full of hope, have corn dogs,
and cold beer on the beach?

The war was over and plenty
was the word on everyone’s lips-
he was handsome, on the G.I bill,
full of adventure and laughter.

it’s not easy to think about
you as a young secretary,
smoothed-faced and careless
taking up with a sweet talker

like him, you didn’t worry at all
about someday and what if,
no one ever does in the beginning,
when the light dances on the water

making the moment look pretty good
even heading home with me in your belly
cruising north till the salty water
disappears behind a stand of lanky pine.

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