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Friday, March 01, 2013

The art of hating isn't hard to master...

I read some poems by a well-known poet with who I am personally acquainted.

They are probably well crafted, the kind of poems where the audience goes mmMMMMmmmm and nods after each is read aloud. BUT they are boring as plain oatmeal, poem after poem. I didn't even bother to scroll the page after a few, just read what I could see and clicked "next". I'm astounded at how weak they are- and if I said who it was some of you would revile me (and some would write me off their lists).

I recall getting angry a few years ago when a slam friend got on me for writing white-lady/mayonnaise poems, that I needed to get dirty and talk about it- he was wrong and he was right- (he also hadn't heard but a handful of my poems). I was angry. He had issues so it didn't change my writing much, but I did notice things I tried to do better, like NOT be boring.

But these poems are clearly written in a room with a closed door, Google at the ready to get those wordsobscura next to the ancientwhocareswhere places.

It's the kind of poetry that makes non-poets hate poetry.

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