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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

NAPOMO poem-a-day April 8

Right this minute

I am annoyed at how badly I use time
as if there is plenty, as if I have a secret.
Yes, I do have something to keep
from you, there are infinite reasons.
Twenty-nine years ago (right now)
my water broke a day early (gross)
Nothing has been the same since,
with great pain comes responsibility.
I’m tired of checking your breathing
waiting to hear your car door shut,
There must be a statute to limit
your expectations of how I can help.
Apologies your father isn’t taller,
you're welcome for the Palmer charm.
In the end you were cut out of me,
now let go of the goddamned apron!


מבול said...

I noticed you put a comment on CE’s blog.

CE is a Dostoyevskian sick man.

Strangely, for me, he is more of a kindred spirit now than he was in the old days.

For one thing his language today seems better adapted to the web. He long critical reviews of TS Eliot on Melic were not right for the web.

Also, his blog of the current moment is moderated, like yours. I doubt he gets much traffic ( he has said as much ), so probably not a lot of work there. Forum moderation in the old days was a chore. I thought his forums, Melic and Natter, could have used more of his personal touch. This is as I recall. It was a long time ago ( as you said ). My memory is dim. I have no record.

Joan Mazza said...

Should be "you're"in the last stanza and "of" not if.
I like this one. Lots of mothers could relate.